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I'm a Speaker, Podcaster and your personal HYPE WOMAN out of Philly, PA! Little about me, I’m an ambitious, funny, and keepin’ it real Mompreneur of two gorgeous kiddos, and a wife of 11+ years to my husband, Joey. Together we are the dream team! Tacos are my love language, I love me a good bargain sale and I consider myself to be a karaoke queen!

My ambition to stand OUT, make BIG moves for myself and live in my passion and purpose led me to what I am doing today. Bringing STAYIN' INSPIRED to life has been my wildest dream that at one point in my life, I never knew existed but always yearned for everything that it is. LET’S REWIND: I was at a pivotal moment in my life where I was 300lbs, anxiety/depression, no sense of self and what was FOR me, and had no clear view of my passion and purpose.


Despite being in that chapter of life, I often had a quiet whisper of hope, telling me that I was MEANT FOR MORE, that I was meant to STAND OUT in this world in some way, and that there was room for me at the table to find and make that impact. FAST FORWARD: I got intentional with my desires and connected myself with a community that supported my vision to step into that next level version of myself! I am now in my purpose doin' what I love and having fun while doin' it!


Building community through conversation. Givin' other women that HYPE of encouragement, confidence, intentional support, and reassurance with some humor that they too belong, that there is room for them at the table to make moves in their lives, to show up and show out, to bring who they are in all that they do to STAND OUT and make their impact in their own unique way!

Amanda Yoa


Stayin’ Inspired with Amanda Yoa!

Bringin’ thee hottest topics packed with entertainment, LOL’s and NEXT LEVEL wisdom relative to what bodacious Millennial Goalfriends like YOU are lookin’ to hear!

Hey Boobie! - I’m Amanda your host and HYPE WOMAN and when I’m not slayin’ the day around the house Mommin’ it up, I’m showin’ up every week to give you a dose of humor, inspo, entertainment, and even at times, a keepin’ it real kick in the A$$ so you can get outta your own way, break your glass ceilings, and make those NEXT LEVEL dreams become your reality! I’m here to remind you that life is whatever you make it - so make it EXTRA AF. Lets go girl - turn up and tune in - jam out with your clam out - grab some snack and lets get into it!

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